It’s time for IT teams to digitize like the startups do


Many IT leaders are desperately seeking digitization as a way to transform their companies, but century-old, nontechnology improvements can produce results that can impact operations across all lines of business. Review any survey of senior business executives’ IT priorities conducted in the last few years and you’ll find digitization hovering at the top of each […]

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Google will soon let you translate messages in other languages without switching apps


At today’s Google for India event in New Delhi, Google’s vice president for product management Caesar Sengupta showed off a sexy upcoming feature in the company’s Translate service, which makes messaging in multiple languages a lot easier. Sengupta said, “Our most active users in India translate between Hindi and English multiple times a day, spending […]

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WhatsApp calls: Questions over privacy as WhatsApp keeps register of activity


The undisputed leader in the western world for instant messaging, with over 900 million active users, WhatsApp is synonymous withsmartphones and messaging. Despite this, there are constantly new controversies relating to the security of the application and this has led to many doubting the integrity of the service. From fraud to malicious programs that take […]

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