Facebook Joins Stampede of Tech Giants Giving Away Artificial Intelligence Technology


Leading computing companies are helping both themselves and others by open-sourcing AI tools Facebook is releasing for free the designs of a powerful new computer server it crafted to put more power behind artificial-intelligence software. Serkan Piantino, an engineering director in Facebook’s AI Research group, says the new servers are twice as fast as those […]

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Why Microsoft will beat Google in the enterprise cloud war


Google beat Microsoft to market with its cloud-based suite of business apps, but the tables have turned and many organizations, particularly large enterprises, are now looking to Microsoft for their cloud needs. As Google and Microsoft battle for enterprise cloud customers, each company’s natural strengths (and weaknesses) become more apparent. Microsoft, for example, is winning […]

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The memristor, a microscopic component that can “remember” electrical states even when turned off


The Next Big thing? The memristor, a microscopic component that can “remember” electrical states even when turned off. It’s expected to be far cheaper and faster than flash storage. A theoretical concept since 1971, it has now been built in labs and is already starting to revolutionize everything we know about computing, possibly making flash […]

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Cross Platform Frameworks for Mobile Application Development


Mobile application development is a challenge, as it requires a reasonable amount of customization to run on diverse platforms, hardware, OS version and browser. Each of the platforms for mobile apps has an integrated development environment which provides tools to allow a developer to write programs, test and deploy applications into the target platform. Mobile […]

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Why Muscula is Important??


monitors your live website and alerts you whenever a customer or visitor experiences a Javascript error. This information is invaluable. Without Muscula in your corner, you could be losing customers without ever realising why. This could be catastrophic for your business, your revenue and your reputation. Your customers expect and deserve the best user experience […]

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